ANSA is guided by its corporate philosophy. The corporate philosophy, which has developed over the years since 1967, when ANSA was founded, through the experience of performing studies, writing operational and technical specifications, set-up and evaluation of proposals, set-up and conduct of training programs, etc. in air navigation (ATC) and airport related projects, consists of the following points:

Commitment to Quality

There is pride in one‘s work when there is quality. ANSA stresses quality in all that it does from the smallest of tasks to large and complicated projects.

Commitment to Integrity

There is trust when there is integrity. This commitment to integrity includes the customer, the industry, the procedures being developed, fellow team members and all other persons involved in a project. If we make a commitment to a customer, then we will fulfil that commitment to the customer to their full expectation as well as ours.

Commitment to the Aviation Profession

The world is too complex to be all things to all people. Therefore, we specialize in air navigation. Even then, we further specialize in the ground air traffic management / air traffic control portion of air navigation. We do not build airplanes. We do not engage ourselves in the operation of aeronautical satellites. We engage ourselves in the building and rebuilding of ATM & ATC systems and related fields.

Commitment to High Productivity

High quality products developed within a very short time are not produced by a large group of average people. The higher the desired quality and the quicker the product is needed, the fewer people you need, if these few people are the very best in their field. ANSA emphasizes this point whenever beginning a new relationship with a customer. It is often better to pay more per hour for the very best and therefore buy fewer hours than to pay less per hour for a person who is less qualified to perform the desired task.

Commitment to Cross-Training

A primary problem in all tasks is the lack of communication between the people who are working on a task. This results from their speaking different occupational languages and not understanding what the other person really means. ANSA stresses the importance of having each worker cross-trained in each other worker‘s field to eliminate this communication gap. With ANSA‘s members knowing each other up to thirty years back, this communication gap internally does not exist. Air traffic controllers, pilots, airport planners, navigation experts, aeronautical engineers, dispatchers, aviation lawyers, mathematicians, programmers and instructors do understand the other‘s language and dialect.

Commitment to Experience

Due to the nature of the work performed by ANSA, it is necessary for the group to select as fellow project team members those specialists who have a proven track record of applying experience in the field of air navigation operations and systems. Anything less will increase the time and man-hours necessary to perform a task.

Team Consensus Concept

The ANSA style uses a unique methodology called Team Consensus Concept as opposed to the normal management style which has the project manager direct an employee or team member to perform a task and then review the results after the employee / team member has completed the work. This concept keeps the team together until a consensus has been achieved commensurate with the stage of the development process. This concept ensures that a thorough understanding of the task has been accomplished by each team member and also ensures total commitment of each person to the end product. This concept is at its very best when the team members are the very best in their profession. Otherwise, the output of the team during these sessions rarely exceeds that which the best team member can do himself. The customer, be it an ATC organization, an airport, airline or industry company, is invited to participate in these sessions. Most importantly, ANSA consists of members who have already succeeded in their fields, who have already gone on to that special area of supporting others, and who are not in the field of building new competitive companies. Therefore, it is the intent of ANSA to enable others to learn. During the learning process, however, our team will do that work necessary to get the job done in close coordination with the customer.

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