ANSA pursues the technical development for a safer and more economic operation of air navigation (traffic control) services systems and the improvement of services to airspace users. One of our foremost objectives is the upgrading of ATC systems with emphasis on the extended application of automation, such as under the EATMS program of Europe. The group is in a unique position to apply its accumulated expertise independent of any hardware manufacturer and of political influence. In supporting the aims for a single uniform ATC system for Europe, ANSA, technically, strongly advocates the implementation of new air traffic controller operating procedures as regards traffic situation presentation, assessment of conflict situations, revised coordination procedures, automatic forwarding of routine flight progress data revisions, increasing current flight plan data accuracy, implementation of multi-lane precision RNAV routings and the application of machine based non-radar conflict prediction, detection, presentation and resolution advisories. Improved indoctrination and especially safety training of air traffic controllers and enhancement of ATC operating procedures is a foremost objective. This objective is being supported by ANSA in elaborating ATS Regulations & Procedures Operations Manuals for national air navigation services providers. It is also one of ANSA‘s general concerns to assist the European ATC industry in making its potential and technical capability especially known to all parties involved in Central and East European Air Traffic Control matters.

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