The International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services, ANSA, was founded in 1967, has its legal seat in Switzerland and maintains three European offices in Switzerland, Hungary and Turkey. Its status under Swiss Law is one of a professional non-profit association with a unique structure.

Its 35 members are from 22 countries and speak 12 different languages. They reside in Switzerland, Germany, Tanzania, USA, Turkey, Cyprus, Republic of China, Peoples Republic of China, Japan, South Africa, Macedonia, Kenya, Luxembourg, Sudan, Qatar, Croatia, Albania, Russia, Czech Republic, Belgium, France and Hungary.

All are experts in their related professional fields and offer their services to airports, airlines, aviation organizations, ATM/ATC organizations and industry companies around the world in their efforts to enhance civil aviation operations and organizations and to modernize ATC systems and their operation in the new century.

The founder and president of ANSA, Frank W Fischer of Germany, has had over 40 years of experience in air traffic control operations, planning and design, ATM project management and control. He started his professional career as an air traffic controller in 1957 with the former German Federal Administration for Air Navigation Services. He has acquired all types of ATC licenses of Germany, USAF and the US FAA and served as a practicing upper airspace civil and military radar controller, system planner and evaluator for over 27 years in Germany. He acted as technical director of company FSB GmbH (Air Traffic Control & Management Advisors) in a variety of projects, both in Germany and abroad for 26 years.

ANSA has assembled a team of professionals who are ready and able to support ATM organizations, national and international civil & military aviation authorities, ATC system manufacturers and airports in their efforts to establish, standardize, harmonize and enhance air traffic operations and services to ICAO, ECAC and EUROCONTROL standards.

This brief description of ANSA´s capabilities and performed projects will show the advantages an air traffic services provider or industry company will gain by allowing ANSA to support their modernization and harmonization programs, studies and projects.

ANSA‘s team consists of internationally experienced experts in the air traffic management /air navigation / air traffic control fields, most of them having risen to executive positions in their organizations and having the ability to perform to the high standards required by the situation at hand.

The primary characteristics of these professionals which will ensure an outstanding performance are:

* They all have the ability to perform the necessary analyses at all levels being able to draw upon the extensive experience gained during their careers.

* They all have the ability to work in multi-national teams and speak two or more languages, with their primary foreign language being English.

* ANSA‘s 35 members in 22 countries with more than a quarter century of contacts and cooperation makes them familiar with other individuals‘ mentalities and peculiarities.

* Many of them are still exercising their professions and have between twenty and forty + years of experience.
on the Aircraft Accident of 1 / 2 July 2002
(Mid-air Collision of Flights DHX611 (DHL) + BTC2937 (BAL)
at Überlingen (Lake Constance) Germany
24 January 2004

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